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Welcome Beautiful Sister!

Is this YOU?

There’s no accident you’re reading this page.

Does this light you up?

Does it call you forward?


I’m INVITING YOU into a sacred container of divine feminine women, like you, who have the deepest yearning to serve humanity’s awakening from a place of being fully resourced and financially supported.

I know it’s not always rainbows and butterflies. Let’s deal with some of the hard stuff that may be holding you back.

In a nutshell...


You might be battling your shadows -- those hidden fears that show up as procrastination, self-doubt, lone wolfing it, hiding or perfectionism. Sometimes the voices of those shadow fears are so loud that they may stop you in your tracks. You might even doubt that what you have to say is important, or you may be afraid to use your voice for fear of being judged. 

You’re not alone. That’s a real thing for divine feminine women stepping into leadership. In this program, we make room to integrate your shadows, which are voices of the past, of the collective shadow, or of your younger self. We use practices to integrate those voices so that they don’t run your business.


Perhaps you’ve been overwhelmed by all the misconceptions about HOW to launch and grow your coaching business so that you can earn your first 100k. That’s understandable. There are a lot of bright shiny objects, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed if you don’t have the right strategy to go along with your upleveled mindset.

For example, here’s what you may believe is what it takes to be successful:

None of this is true.

Want the real story about how to be a successful coach and reach your first 6 figures?

There are 5 foundational pillars you MUST master to launch and grow your coaching or healing business and earn your first 6 figures:

Design a Kick-Ass Transformative Program

Create Magnetic Messaging that Attracts Your Soul Clients

Master the Art of Authentic Selling to Enroll Clients Into Your Program

Master the Art of Being Visible in the Right Way and on the Right Platforms

Uplevel Your Mindset and Do Your Shadow Work to Charge What You’re Worth & Receive More Abundance

Hi! I’m Kenlyn Kolleen.

How do I know what it takes to make your first 6-figures?

I did it. 

I went from earning $33,000 in my first year coaching to making $100,000 the following year with no website, no email list, no social media platform, and no facebook ads. 

What made the difference? 

In short, I got a coach.

As a former lawyer, I was trained to be a good “lone wolf.” I didn’t like to ask for support since it made me feel too vulnerable. The truth was I had a hard time receiving. Even a fedex package with a large sum of money got lost on its way to me. I took this as a sign that I had some blocks.

When I made my first real investment in myself by hiring a business coach, I cried. I thought about all the kids going hungry that night and how selfish I was to invest in myself. Fortunately, I had done enough shadow work to embrace the part of me that played the martyr and to step into really making a difference in the world, not just feeling badly about the world. Even though I had no money and very little credit, I made my first payment on credit and took the first step toward my future self — the self that I am today. 

Making that first investment changed my life. I learned and applied the 5 foundational principles that I’m teaching you in this program and built my business on a solid foundation.

Since that time, I’ve grown into a feminine leader, empowering women through the Divine Feminine Summit, Inner Circle, and Divine Feminine Business Mastery. I found my true purpose. I’ve touched the lives of thousands of women worldwide through my work, raised money for Tree Sisters, earned multiple $6-figures, paid off all my consumer debt and taxes, invested heavily in my health, and built a business that I love. All in a relatively short amount of time. 

If I can do it, so can you.

That is why I created the Divine Feminine Business Mastery program. I’m on a mission to support your empowerment. 

Being the Sovereign CEO of your coaching business is a sacred act of rebellion against the patriarchal structures that have created the imbalance the world is experiencing today. By being confident in your voice, claiming your slice of the online space, speaking your truth, becoming more yourself, and receiving compensation for it, you are shattering glass ceilings and becoming, quite possibly, the greatest hope that humanity has to survive.

This is your rite of passage of empowerment for the feminine, and I’m here to support you on this journey.


A 9-Month Online Group Coaching Program

Launch and Grow Your Business to Attract Premium Soul Clients & Earn Your First 6-Figures.

Let’s get into the details

Specifically, in this dynamic and comprehensive course, you’ll learn how to:

JOIN ME to learn how to make the difference you’re here to make while being the sovereign CEO of your business, connected to your message, your body, your truth, and your power.

Apply here by filling out this application and booking a time to talk to our team.

Here’s what’s included in

Divine Feminine Business Mastery

Two Master Classes a Month (February to Sept) with Kenlyn Kolleen and Guest Experts

Each month we’ll take a deep dive into one of the foundations of launching and growing your 6-figure business. Get rich content and cutting edge strategies.

Then in the Q&A, get your biggest questions answered and know how to apply these teachings to your business so that you can attract premium soul clients. The coaches will also ask you questions to be sure you’re right on track.

8 Monthly Private 30-Minute Coaching Calls

Get individual attention through a monthly coaching call with one of our Biz & Mindset Coaches.

Stay on track with your goals, process, and action steps through getting one-on-one coaching. This is your opportunity to discuss your specific business plan and answer your questions.

Private Facebook Group

The group container is the #1 thing that graduates say was the most supportive to their process of launching and growing their business.

Authentic Sales Retreat Intensive

We take a deep dive into authentic sales in this virtual retreat which takes place midway through the program.

Discover how to connect your soul clients to their vision and desires. (This is key to effective sales.) Learn how to sell your program authentically and confidently so that you feel rooted in your body and aligned with your value when talking about it.

This intensive is interactive and a rare opportunity for practice and supportive feedback that will serve your career. Get ready to catapult into your next level of leadership

And that's not all...

5 hours of video content available 24/7

Get access to training video content to support your growth including:

  • The fundamentals of Eventbrite
  • Knowing Your Avatar
  • It’s all about Leadership 

Divine Feminine Workbook (NEW!)

Get access to worksheets, charts, and template documents in chronological order with the program.

Template of Key Documents

Get access to contract templates, research questions, and client intake forms.

This program supports all of your startup needs by setting you up with the right templates. This saves you time and energy while setting you up for success.

Human Design Chart (NEW!)

Human Design is a unique system that supports individuals to understand how they operate.

You’ll receive your individual chart and instruction on your type, profile lines, and energy centers so that you create a business that’s in harmony with the way you operate. 

8 Shadow Integration Group Sessions / Total - 8 Hours (NEW!)

Master your mindset through working with your shadow fears — doubt, not good enough, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of criticism, fear of being responsible, resistance to being visible (to name a few) – so that they fade more into the background and stop running your business.

Expand your capacity to be a leader, receive abundance, be visible and seen, and to shine shine brightly.



BONUS 1 (Value: $500)

Human Design Group Call with Human Design Expert

“Human Design is a logical system that reveals each individual’s nature and nurture. It provides a map of your unique genetic blueprint that can be validated through simple observation and experimentation…. It simply reveals nature, conditioning, and the many ways in which the mind sabotages our life.”
— James Alexander

Take a deeper dive into your human design chart with a Human Design expert to understand the ways to work with your unique template, how you make decisions, and how energy flows through your system. In addition, learn the 9 chakras or energy centers in your chart and what to watch out for and what to emphasize.

Take a deeper dive into your human design on a topic related to being visible and launching and growing your business.

BONUS 2 (Value: $497)

Access to 30-Day Visibility + Alchemy Training Course + Workbook

Overcome the #1 fear of many divine feminine women in business: Visibility. In this dynamic workshop, participants overcame their fears through shadow work and expert teachings to demystify technology, learn the secrets to being on camera, and the art of magnetic messaging.

The workbook alone will take you through a contemplative process that will empower you to step into your unique Divine Feminine Business Archetype.

Activate your Divine Feminine Business Archetype so that your premium soul client can find you  

BONUS 3 (Value: $497)

Full Scholarship to Divine Feminine Inner Circle Master Class

Emergent: How to Uplevel Your Self Mastery and Communication Skills to Create Harmony in a Divisive World and Build Bridges with Others.

This class will support you in mastering your communication skills so that you create harmony and understanding in your relationships and interactions with others. Learn key phrases, questions, and energetic postures to employ in conflict or when triggered. Learn how to create harmony through your listening and curiosity. Discharge heated situations through your energy and calm your nervous system through breathing techniques.

BONUS 4 (Value: $500)

Divine Feminine Summit Interviews from 2000 and 2021

Receive 30 riveting interviews of Divine Feminine leaders activating you into a Divine Feminine Archetype such as Kail Ma, Sacred Courtesan, Edgewalker Priestess, Gaia, Artemis, to name a few. Each activation is like a prayer, meditation, or call to action that awakens that divine feminine archetype in you. Embody a new power inside you so that you have the strength and courage to be the leader you know yourself to be.


Apply here by filling out this application and booking a time to talk to our team.

The foundational principles I teach in this program are timeless and never go away.

Who’s this for?

Here are the monthly topics at a glance

Month 1:

We begin by excavating your unique story, the one that compelled you to become a coach, healer, shaman, or guide. You’ll discover how your unique story reveals your purpose, and how they work together to support a vision for the embodied feminine leader you want to become and the clarity of the movement you want to create. In addition, we identify the things that are already working that you can leverage as you begin, and we use your Human Design chart to understand the best use of your energy and gifts.

Month 2:

We activate the Golden Compass process to support you in identifying your Soul Client — the person with whom you have a sacred contract — and to clarify your niche space (your slice of the virtual space) that you’d like to own with your presence and energy. This is an extensive process that serves as a foundation for your business, no matter what level you’ve achieved.

Month 3:

The Golden Compass process supports you in creating your kick ass transformational program that gets results for your Soul Client. You’ll weave your genius, tools, modalities, and past experiences into a cohesive transformational program so that it solves your Soul Client’s problem and serves as your signature offering.

Month 4:

Building on the prior months, you’re now ready to create magnetic messaging — copy writing that speaks directly to your Soul Client such that she is drawn to work with you. Guest experts will support you in honing the craft of magnetic messaging plus the art of compelling visual display of your copy so that your Soul Clients are attracted to you and can easily and enthusiastically say “yes” to your offer.

Month 5:

Perhaps the scariest thing for many people is to ask for money for their own services. Intuitively, we know that no one likes to be sold to. That’s why we teach authentic sales as the art of enrollment — the ability to move, touch, and inspire others in their possibility. This dynamic part of the program is the most intensive and will undoubtedly catapult you into your next level of leadership. In addition, learn how to price your program in the sweet spot, ask for more than you’ve ever asked for, and be confident that you’re delivering value.

Month 6:

By this time, you’re ready to be visible and make offers. You know who your Soul Clients are, you know how to speak to her, you have a program, and you know how to sell it to her by making offers. You’ve practiced, gotten epic support, and you’re ready! You’ll build your community and create your first online event. Once it’s over, you’ll probably feel like you can do anything! You’ve crossed an important milestone for your career, and you’re on your way to building a movement!

Month 7:

Most business coaching programs fail to include training about Sacred Technology — our word for the systems and structures that you’ll use to create an impeccable container for your new Soul Clients. That’s not the case here! We’ll train you on which technology apps to use to make taking payment, getting the agreement signed, and scheduling your first appointment seamless and professional.

Month 8:

Learn a seamless and professional way to onboard your new Soul Clients. This section includes how to structure your coaching program, how many sessions to give per month and for how long, when to take time off, when to work on your business (versus in your business), and how to set up your new Soul Client for success (as well as yourself). You’ll learn how important boundaries are to the success of the coaching container and how to create safety for your Soul Client as a reflection of your respect, growing leadership, and professionalism.

Month 9:

By now you’re feeling more confident and empowered as the CEO of your business. You’ve learned the 5 Pillars of creating a 6-figure business. You’re in the habit of expanding your edges and capacities, managing your mind, owning your shadow, being visible more and more, making compelling offers to your Soul Clients, having discovery calls and making offers, and onboarding new Soul Clients into your transformational program. Now you’re on your way to making your first 6-figures.

Apply here by filling out this application and booking a time to talk to our team.

What Women Are Saying About Divine Feminine Business Mastery

“I worked less and made more money through this program.” One of the big takeaways from the DFBM is that through all the major inner changes that I’ve gone through, I've worked a lot less. I just didn’t have the energy as I was processing all the things. I look back and I have not worked as hard as I normally work -- there’s been a lot less doing and a lot less striving, and I’ve already exceeded my income from last year (and the year isn’t even over yet)! It’s just really amazing to see that. It’s been a testament that it’s not about the doing and the striving and it’s about the being and who you are and sharing that message. Even over the last month, 2 new clients came out of nowhere. It’s been a really beautiful thing to witness.
Jen Broyles
Class of 2021

“I’ve benefited so much from spending time with women who support me unconditionally and give me great advice, whether I'm ready to hear it or not! LOL.”

Giselle Class of 2021

“I now have everything I need to thrive as a coach, and I’m doing it! I have 11 1:1 clients!”

Lisa Class of 2021

“The biggest takeaway is that it’s possible to build a career and a healthy income from my passion. I have way more self-belief that I’m on the right track and more clarity about who I want to serve and why.”

Dawn Class of 2021

“I have learned tangible ways to start a coaching business. How to get clients. How to share my gifts. How to get my work out there.”

Joanna Class of 2021

Ultimately, your business starts with you.

Later it grows beyond you and exists apart from you. When you focus your efforts and build the foundation solidly, you can grow to a place where your business makes money for you when you need to rest, take time off, write a book, have a baby, be with your grandchild, or travel the world. Your business becomes your contribution and your legacy. 

The journey of 1,000 steps begins with the first one, and this is it. 

Like a river meanders through a canyon, the path to success is not linear. The Divine Feminine is herself serendipitous, creative, and unpredictable. With a solid foundation, you can take this journey and explore the deep wells of your creativity and your voice. By shedding even more and more of what isn’t you, you become more of who you are. 

This is my vision for you, and this is the promise of the Divine Feminine Business Mastery. 

Apply here by filling out this application and booking a time to talk to our team.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you decide?

This program is a transformational business program. It’s unique because it combines both spiritual work (such as shadow integration work) and business strategy. Most programs do only one or the other. The result is that you’ll not only know what to do and how to do it, you’ll evolve in your leadership, uplevel in your mindset and confidence, and expand your capacity to receive. 

Ask yourself: Have you made $6-figures this year coaching or in your healing business? Do you know how to replicate it for next year? If not, this program is for you.

Have your fears been stopping you from succeeding? Are you piecemealing business strategies without knowing what you’re doing? If so, this program is for you.

I invite you to get really honest with yourself. Are you willing to be someone other than the person you are right now? If you’ve answered yes, this program is for you!

Look at your results. What was your income in 2021?

Here are some questions to ask: Did you earn $6-figures last year? Do you have awesome clients who love you and a method and a message that converts? Are you comfortable selling your program? (Do you have a signature program?) Are you focused on one business model that is appropriate for your level or are you hustling and all over the place?

Consider that perhaps there’s a difference between hearing about the fundamentals, and actually applying them in your business.

The good news is that this program isn’t asking you to put your faith in the stock market or getting investors or even in your customers or competitors.

Investing in this program is investing in you. That’s the safest best there is because you have all the control. Therefore, the only person who has a say about whether this program will work for you is you. 

I’ve been asked this question more than once, so I thought it would be good to talk about it.

Sometimes a partner can try to protect you and the relationship by desiring to limit your growth for fear of change or loss. In other cases, it’s common for partners who have been in the corporate world to act as lone wolves since many corporations only offer coaching at the executive level. Also partners who work in more traditional industries like engineering, law or even marketing don’t understand the level of exposure that coaches experience in the world of growth and transformation.

A transformational personal services business is WAY different than any other kind of business and therefore requires a deeper level of sisterhood support and shadow integration work. It’s a spiritual path all its own.


Yes. While it's true that at the beginning most coaches and healers have spent more money learning and certifying their craft than they have learning to become a business owner and entrepreneur, doing so is a necessary next step if your vision is to increase your impact and income. For example, when I studied to be a yoga teacher 8 years ago, I invested $5k for 24-days of immersion training. Eventually I made my money back teaching yoga, but it took a long time, as you can imagine.

Making your money back is called a Return on Investment or ROI. Most transformational programs have an intangible ROI, like spiritually growing or maturing or releasing trauma. Super important and often priceless. A spiritual business program, like this one, has the added potential of a financial ROI, since, afterall, that’s your exact intention. In my case, my investment in business coaching had an ROI of 11x in the first year, which means I made 11 times my initial investment. Of course, not everyone achieves those results in the first year, which is why I like to take the stress off and encourage women to play the long game. The only time you’ll surely fail is if you quit. 

Know that if this program matches your vision and goals, then it’s probably a sound financial investment for you. When I invest in myself, it’s the least risky thing I can do because I have the control. Trust and believe in yourself, and apply the coaching. That’s your winning formula.

I get it. Most people don’t feel like they have extra money sitting around, so they have to leverage it. To support you, we have several payment plans. Talk to our sales team about which one will work best for you.

Here’s my story: Even though I had a lucrative high-paying law job in my 30s, by the time I wanted to be a coach, I was broke and in debt with a very small amount of credit left. I leveraged that tiny amount of credit by making my first coaching payment, not even knowing where I was going to get the money for the second payment. But I did it. I was highly motivated, as you can imagine. I cried and wrestled with myself and my shadow fears, but ultimately, I won. Not only did I make 11 times my investment that year, I was on track to pay off all my debt. Within three years, I had no consumer debt, no tax debt, and I had enough to invest in health and business, and travel. 

Sometimes you have to leverage money to become an investor and move toward your financial vision. Money can be leveraged in the form of loans, gifts, early withdrawals, grants, payment plans or credit cards. Even though no investment is guaranteed, it has the potential to change your financial picture, whereas purchasing depreciating assets like cars, boats, some jewelry or clothes do not. 

I (Kenlyn) coach clients on a 1:1 basis by invitation only. In my experience, women who are launching and growing their businesses need the support of other women who are doing the same. There’s a major super power to being in a group of like-minded and like-focused women. Almost every person comments on this when I survey them at the end of the program. If the sales team determines that your case is different, they will let me know. 

Got another question not answered here? Reach out to and someone from the Evolving Sisters team will get back to you.

Are you ready to get started?

Apply here by filling out this application and booking a time to talk to our team.

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